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Fetish Fantasy Silicone


Pretty, female friendly strap-on that makes sure the lucky recipient of the silky silicone dildo on the is fully satisfied, this great dildo and harness combo is sleek and sturdy with a shape that's completely nondescript, perfect for anyone who's wary of realistically designed toys. Made from dreamily sensual silicone, this dildo is shaped into subtle curves with a nice firm feel that's still supple and forgiving enough for the most perfect positioning. The harness is just as user friendly, it's completely adjustable with a secure waistband and two thin straps that fit around and under the butt. A versatile O-ring snaps on and off for easy assembly; it can also be used with any other toy you might have that's of a similar size. Getting back to the dildo for a moment, it truly shines in combination with this harness, but it's equally great on it's own, with a shape that caters to most pleasure purposes. The nice wide base is large enough for safe anal play, plus, it features some pretty impressive suction that allows to to attach it to most flat surfaces for hands free solo enjoyment. One size fits most