Jimmy Jane Intimate


A convenient and progressive period solution, Jimmyjane's mindful and eco-friendly Silicone Menstrual Cups were specifically designed to fit perfectly, protect comfortably and remove easily. 100% safe for internal wear, the Cup's medical grade silicone construction is FDA approved and extra durable. 

Two cups are included, a Regular and Small. Both are shaped into a soft bell that's wider at the rim,all the better to prevent leakage. To use, fold or bend the Cup and insert into the vagina. Once you let go, it will naturally widen, settling below the cervix to catch menstrual blood. I can take a few tries to get the hang of insertion, go don't give up! Some helpful tips are included. To remove and empty the Cup, you'll insert your fingers, find the base and gently squeeze to remove. Jimmy Jane has added in two tiny anti-suction holes that make removal extra easy.

The Cups are safe to wear all day, but you'll probably need to empty 2-3 times per 24 hours depending on your individual flow. A drawstring storage back in soft moisture-wicking fabric is included.

  • Regular cup - 2.63" (65mm) total length, 2" (50mm) cup length, 18" (45mm) diameter. 21mL capacity.
  • Small cup - 2.2" (55mm) total length, 1.6" (40mm) cup length, 1.7" (43mm) diameter. 14mL capacity.