Luxe CiCi


Cici was designed to give you the utmost in pleasure! 

Whether it s vaginally or anally this beautifully hand sculpted G-Spot searching dong has subtle ridges and a bulbous head to intensify every thrust AND everything in between. 

CiCi is made of Pure Silicone, which is safe for your body and gets sensuously slippery when wet. No batteries needed, just get your favorite water based lube, your partner or some alone time and experience CiCi s pleasure pokes or use it in the shower and see just how wet you can truly get. CiCi is truly luxury at its finest!

  • Hand sculpted design for form and function.
  • Perfectly sized and shaped for a blend of comfort and erotic stimulation.
  • Satin coated texture feels delicious as Cici glides across your most sensitive areas.
  • Silicone
  • Base is harness compatible