Sex in the Shower Suction Cuffs

$22.55 $18.04

Give yourself a chance to combine the stimulation of bondage play with the wet pleasures of the shower with the Sex In The Shower Suction Handcuffs. They easily attach to the shower wall and allow you to bind your partner so you can have your way with them.

The cuffs are made of soft Neoprene material so they will be comfortable around the wrist. With your partner bound, enjoy having a little impact play, splashing water in their face or doing whatever your imagination can come up with.

Product Features:

  • Industrial strength suction cups with cuffs attached
  • Allows couples to add bondage play while in the shower or bath
  • Soft neoprene keeps the cuffs comfortable on the skin
  • Simple velcro closure for adjustability
  • Also works on windows, glass doors, car window, kitchen counters
  • Comes in a pair